Let Us Help!

1. Tax Debt Settlement: We negotiate with the appropriate authorities on behalf of our clients to reduce the overall tax debt amount through settlement agreements. Our team thoroughly analyzes the clients’ financial situation and uses their expertise to maximize debt reduction.

2. Tax Liens and Levies Assistance: We assist clients in resolving tax liens and levies, ensuring they are lifted or released effectively. Our team works diligently to protect clients’ assets and help them regain control of their financial stability.

3. Offer in Compromise (OIC): We guide clients in the process of preparing a comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive OIC application to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our professionals ensure that our clients’ chances of obtaining a favorable decision are maximized.

4. Penalty Abatement: We analyze each taxpayer’s situation on an individual basis and determine if they are eligible for penalty reduction or removal. Our experts diligently investigate all possible grounds for penalty abatement to minimize our clients’ financial burden.

5. Installment Agreement Negotiations: We negotiate affordable and manageable installment agreements on behalf of our clients to ensure they can fulfill their tax obligations without sacrificing their daily living expenses.

6. Innocent Spouse Relief: We help clients who face unjust tax liabilities as a result of a spouse or former spouse’s actions. Our professionals navigate the complex innocent spouse relief process and strive to secure a fair resolution for our clients.